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ColorWorks does not require any down payment or deposit on printing services in order for work to begin. It is important my customers are happy with the work before payment is received. Simply put ,if you are not happy with the quality of the work, you don't pay for it. Once payment is received, I acknowledge this as acceptance of quality. ColorWorks accepts cash, check or CC.  You will receive a 3% discount when paying by cash or check.

Term payment: for government and university organizations, 30 day net terms are possible. For long-time, loyal customers there is always room for special considerations. Please let me know your specific request.


Proofing service on Giclee' prints:

I offer up to two free proofs (typically 5 x 7 and smaller) on print orders over $50. This is per reproduction, and not cumulative of several smaller reproductions. Once the proof is approved, no further redo's or corrections are possible of the full size prints. No refunds will be made on full-size prints. While I would like to offer full-size proofs to all artists, it simply is not practical due to cost.  Artist may purchase additional proofs at the cost of $10 each, no maxium.

Artist proofs (full size):  For a variety of reasons , sometimes an artist needs to see a reproduction full-size. This full-size proof will be offered to the artist at the 5+ quantity price on a one-time basis only. Two 50% enlargements of size are also possible at the 2-4 quantity pricing. This allows for greater refinement to the artist having trouble visualzing a full size image or who has specific concerns.


All framing I offer falls under the custom category. ColorWorks does not offer stock or  "Readymade" products.  For this reason, there are no refunds given on custom framing if you have a change of heart after the order is placed. Refunds will only be given on defective product or workmanship. Please choose carefully.

I offer a computer visualization service for those who would like to see the final product before work begins. While it is not 100% accurate, it does provide for a clearer picture of what the finished product will look like. See our design gallery for samples of what this software offers.

A 50% deposit is required on orders over $400.

Work pickup, fees: Over the past 20 years I've had very little problem with people not picking up their work or not paying for work once complete. ColorWorks expects orders to be picked up within 10 days of completion, preferably sooner. I am not responsible for damage to artwork after 30 days.  Storage fees will be assessed on orders over 30 days at the rate of 18% of the order total per month.