ColorWorks Custom Lab         

Fine Art Reproduction & Framing

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 Some of the controls possible with custom prints are:
Density (lightness and darkness)
Overall contrast
Local contrast (contrast within a specific set of values)
Color saturation
Saturation of specific hues
Value (lightness and darkness) of specific tones.
Hue changes of specific colors
Dust and scratch removal
Sharpening and softening of the image overall, or just specific areas
Burning and dodging (lightening or darkening specific regions of the prints)

These are just a sample of the total number of changes that are possible.
While having all these options to change a prints appearance is very exciting, It also has meant that there are that many more variables to master.
Of course, not every print requires all of the above adjustments. For that reason we offer several price levels, based on our degree of involvement required.
We can print your image as is, if you are comfortable doing your own adjustments.
We ca do just an overall density and adjustment or minor color correction (most common)
Other images require more intense color corrections, as well as cropping and dust and scratch removal.